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The Big, Bad List of Cool and Catchy Party Names

Make no mistake: If you’re planning a party, it pays to come up with an awesome name for it. The right name can generate buzz, stick in people’s brains, and help get those RSVPs rolling in. But then, you already knew that, or else you wouldn’t be reading this article.

To help you find the perfect idea, we’ve whipped up a big list of cool party names. However, before you dive in, you should know that the best party names are tailored to the particulars of the event, including the theme, location, hosts, etc. In other words, you might want to take one of these party name ideas and add your own creative spin to it.

Cool and Catchy Party Names

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Party Names For 2023

Here are some trendy party name ideas. These names are best for younger crowds and/or more casual events.

  • Rager Danger
  • The Slappin’ Happenin’
  • Razzle Dazzle
  • Rockin’ Rollick
  • Funky Fest
  • Booty Ball
  • Hollapalooza
  • Untamed Night
  • “Bring Your Own Booty” Dance Party
  • Drink Outside the Box
  • 1st Annual Uncanny Hootenanny
  • Muthalovin Dance Party
  • Nunya Business 2023
  • Thirsty Thursday
  • Fantastic Fridaze
  • Gonzo Gala
  • Sweet Beats
  • Savage Soiree
  • All Lit Up
  • Fam Friday
  • Yaasss Bash
  • A Celebration of Intoxication

Traditional Party Name Ideas

Here are some names that work for most types of gatherings, from private house parties to public events.

  • Cocktails & Convo
  • Saturday Soiree
  • Come As You Are 2023
  • A Chance to Dance
  • One Wonderful Night
  • Fantastic Fiesta
  • Funtastic Friday
  • Enchanted Evening
  • Thursday Thrills
  • Night Moves
  • Fabfest 2023
  • Under the Stars
  • Sparks After Dark
  • A Splendid Shindig


Here are some funny and/or memorable names for a birthday party. Needless to say, you’ll want to incorporate the name of the birthday boy or girl somehow.

  • Sam’s Big Birthday Bash
  • Jen’s Annual 28th Birthday Party
  • Alan’s “Old Fart” Birthday Blowout
  • Wendy’s “Not Another Birthday” Birthday Party
  • Pedro’s Birthday Bacchanalia
  • Ben’s Backyard BBQ Birthday
  • Maria’s Fantabulous Birthday Fest
  • Alison’s “Another Year Around the Sun” Birthday Celebration
  • A Top Secret Super Surprise Party For Pete

Winter Party Names

Here are some names for a big winter bash. Note that holiday parties are a special breed deserving their own list.

  • 1st Annual Hibernation Celebration
  • All-Weather Get-Together
  • Ice to See You 2023
  • Jamuary
  • February Fling
  • Cool Vibes
  • “Up to Snow Good” Party
  • Saturnalia
  • Winternalia
  • The Great Chillout
  • The Coolest Party Ever
  • Slush Crush 2023
  • Love At Frost Sight
  • A Wintry Mixer
  • Winter Warmup

Spring Party Names

Spring is a great time to get together, as everyone is coming out of their winter hibernation. Here are some possible names for a spring gathering.

  • Spring Wing-Ding
  • Spring Fling 2023
  • Sweet Re-Leaf
  • March Into Spring
  • Hop ‘Til You Drop 2023
  • 1st Annual Spring Shindig
  • March Radness
  • The Great Thaw Out
  • May Daze
  • Hail to the Spring
  • The Great Spring Mingling

Summer Party Names

Summer parties are legendary, and therefore an epic name is in order. Here are some ideas that fill the bill.

  • Last Call Before Fall
  • Dawg Daze 2023
  • Get Sum 2023
  • Sum Like It Hawt 2023
  • June Jamboree
  • Summer Solace
  • Summer Shindig
  • Summer Fling
  • June Swoon 2023
  • Summ Kinda Party
  • Hot and Bothered
  • Sweaty Soiree

Fall Party Names

Finally, here are some names for a fall get-together. Note that if you’re looking for Halloween party names, there’s a whole other article for that.

  • A September to Remember
  • Winter is Coming 2023
  • 1st Annual Fall Ball
  • Fall Wound Up
  • Fall Fest
  • Rocktober 2023
  • Fall Y’All Hoedown
  • The Unbe-leaf-able Autumn Bash
  • Freefall 2023
  • Autumnmania
  • The “Leaf-ing Summer Behind” Fall Function
  • Fallin’ In Love

Like these cool and catchy party names? We also have articles on how to name work events, such as the ever-popular Lunch and Learn.

Mat Jobe