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Christmas Party Names: 77 Fab and Festive Ideas

Coming up with the perfect name for your party is huge, especially if it’s a Christmas party. After all, this is the time of year when seemingly everyone is crushed for time. To grab people’s attention and squeeze onto their cramped social calendars, you need every advantage – including a catchy name.

To lend a hand, we’ve assembled this list of creative Christmas party names. These name ideas feature Santa Claus, mistletoe, Jingle Bells, candy canes, and other beloved symbols of the holiday season. They could be just what you need to put a pretty bow on your party planning.

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Note: While you could use one of these names as-is, it’s more likely that you’ll want to take an idea and run with it. This could include adding the name of the host(s), the year, or an adjective that captures the spirit of the event.

General | Ugly Sweater Party | Gift Exchange | Secret Santa | Cookie Exchange

General Name Ideas

Here are some names that work for just about any holiday gathering, whether it’s a friends-only get-together, an office party, or a big celebration open to the public.

  • Gingerbread Jubilee
  • Kris Kringle Cocktail Party
  • “In the Spirit” 2023
  • An Elfin’ Good Time
  • A Flurry of Fun
  • 1st Annual Yuletide Ball
  • Shimmer and Shine 2023
  • Magic & Mistletoe
  • “So Much Humbug” Holiday Party
  • Holiday Brews & Christmas Spirits
  • A Celebration of the Season
  • Sleigh Bell Social
  • Holly Jolly Holiday Party
  • Jingle Bell Rockout
  • Gingerbread House Party
  • A Jolly Good Time
  • Sugarplum Celebration
  • 1st Annual “Naughty or Nice” Party
  • Miracle on [Host Street Address]
  • Rudolf’s “Ho’s Before Does” Christmas Party
  • Jack Frost Jubilee
  • Holiday Hoopla 2023
  • Jingle Ball 2023
  • Merry Little Christmas Party
  • A December to Remember
  • Mistletoe Mania
  • Chillin’ Holiday Hangout
  • Holidaze 2023
  • Cocktails and Candy Canes
  • Holiday Ho-Ho-Hoedown
  • Jolly Jamboree
  • 1st Annual Goodwill Gala
  • Blitzen’s Ball
  • An Evening of Merrymaking
  • 1st Annual Snow Ball
  • A Not-So-Silent Night
  • A Christmas Party (Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid!)
  • Winter Wingding
  • Festive Fiesta
  • Candy Cane Cordial
  • Nutcracker Bash
  • Winter Wonderland 2023
  • Santa Soiree
  • Snowman Social
  • Under the Mistletoe 2023
  • X-mas X-citement
  • Tidings & Tinsel
  • Yuletide Magic
  • A Very Tipsy Christmas
  • Rudolf’s Rockin’ Reindeer Bash
  • Frosty Fest 2023

Ugly Sweater Party

Here are some funny names for a Christmas party that features an ugly sweater contest. For help with invitation wording, see this article.

  • 1st Annual Ugly Sweater Contest
  • Ugly Sweater Get-Together
  • “Gaudy or Nice” Ugly Sweater Contest
  • Wacky Tacky Sweater Party
  • Nasty-Ass Sweater Party
  • Sweater Weather Get-Together
  • “You Better Wear a Sweater” Christmas Party 2023

Gift Exchange

Here are some clever names for a White Elephant gift exchange party. If it doesn’t go by White Elephant in your neck of the woods, substitute Yankee Swap, Dirty Santa, or whatever you call it. For help with the invitation, check out this article.

  • [Host’s] 1st Annual White Elephant Gift Exchange
  • Swap ‘Til You Drop 2023
  • A White Elephant You’ll Never Forget
  • White Elephant Wonderland 2023
  • X-citing X-mas X-change

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is one of the most famous types of gift exchange (thus warranting its own section). If you’re planning this type of party, be sure to see our article on Secret Santa invitation wording.

  • “Who’s Your Santa?” Secret Santa Party
  • Secret Santa Social
  • “Sleigh Hello to My Little Friend” Secret Santa Party
  • Rudolph’s Rollicking Secret Santa Soiree
  • Secret Santa: The Revealing 2023

Finally, here are some cute names for the ever-popular (and ever-tasty) Christmas cookie exchange. See this article if you need ideas for the invites.

  • [Host’s] “Batch Made in Heaven” Christmas Cookie Exchange
  • Clarice’s Cookie Doe Party
  • Cookie Fest 2023
  • 1st Annual “Sweet Relief” Cookie Swap
  • Sweet Tidings Cookie Exchange 2023
  • Cookies & Cocktails
  • “Iced to Meet You” Christmas Cookie Exchange
  • Sweet Celebrations Cookie Swap
  • Smart Cookies 2023

Didn’t find what you were looking for? You might have luck checking our main list of party names.

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