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30 Funny Bunny Puns For Easter

How did Easter come to be symbolized by an anthropomorphic rabbit who delivers colored eggs and candy to greedy children? Like many holiday traditions, it can’t be fully explained without delving into centuries of folklore. But one quick way to understand it is that rabbits, being prolific breeders, represent the fertility of spring.

They certainly provide fertile ground for jokes and wordplay. If you enjoy puns that make other people pull their hare out, Easter is the holiday for you. And so is the following list of the best bunny puns, jokes, and assorted sayings.

Puns using the words bunny, rabbit, hare, etc.

Riddles and One-Liners

Here are some rabbit puns in the form of jokes – really, really bad jokes. If you carrot all about cheesy humor, these will surely tickle your bunny bone.

Did you hear about the rabbit who refused to leave her house? She was having a bad hare day.
How do you catch a unique bunny?
Unique up on it.
How do you catch a tame bunny?
Tame way.
Did you hear about the woman who complained about her rabbit stew? She said there was a hare in her soup.
How do you know you’ve been visited by a possessed rabbit?
He leaves deviled eggs.
What do you do if a rabbit keeps pooping in your yard?
Take him to a pellet court.
How are rabbits and calculators alike?
They both multiply quickly.
What do you call a rabbit housekeeper?
A dust bunny.
Where did the bunny groom and bunny bride go after their wedding?
On a bunnymoon.
What do you call a bunny who was raised in a hotel?
An inn-grown hare.

Easter Greetings

Looking for a cute way to say Happy Easter? Harness the power of these Easter bunny puns. You can find more (bunny and non-bunny) ideas in this list of Easter wishes.

Hoppy Easter to some-bunny special!
When it comes to delivering sweetness, the Easter Bunny’s got nothin’ on you!
Happy Easter, my little honey bunny!
Have an Egg-Cellent Easter and a hoppin’ good Spring!
Sending you warm Easter wishes… by hare-mail!
Wishing you a hoppin’ good Easter! Hope this message puts a little Spring in your step!
Spring is hare today, gone tomorrow! Have a very Hoppy Easter!
You can always count on Easter Sunday being a good hare day!
Ears hoping you have a very Hoppy Easter!
Some-bunny is thinking of you this Easter!

Pickup Lines

Looking to get to know some-bunny special this Easter? Here are are some bunny pickup lines to try. Fair (hare?) warning: some of these puns are a little on the dirty side.

You must be a chocolate bunny, because I just want to nibble on your ears.
Let’s make the Easter Bunny proud and screw like rabbits.
Come with me, my little honey bunny. I want to take you on a hare-raising adventure.
The Easter Bunny let me borrow one of his feet so I could get lucky tonight.
You must be the Easter Bunny, because you got a basket full of sweetness.
Hop on over to me, honey bunny.
I can tell you’re not the Easter Bunny, ’cause cotton don’t shake like that.
Hey honey bunny… if you have any ideas on how we can have a hoppin’ good time, I’m all ears.
I’d like to hop down your bunny trail.
You must be the Easter Bunny, because you’ve got me all egg-cited.

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