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Happy Birthday, Handsome! 30+ B-Day Wishes For Him

Guys don’t always get a lot of compliments, but if there’s one time a man really deserves some flattering words, it’s on his birthday. Whether the guy is your boyfriend, husband, or a male friend, incorporating a little adulation into his birthday wish is a great way to make his big day extra-special.

Of course, there are lots of ways to sing a man’s praises, but calling him “handsome” is about as foolproof as it gets. If you’re in a romantic relationship with the guy (or want to be), it lets him know you’re attracted. If it’s a platonic situation, well, it’s still nice to know that someone thinks you’re good looking.

If you’re looking for some creative ways to express your admiration for a dude on his birthday, read on. The following birthday greetings come in a variety of styles, but they all say “Happy Birthday, handsome” in one way or another.

Happy Birthday Handsome


The following greetings let the birthday boy know that you’re into him (unless, of course, he really can’t take a hint).

  • Funny, wise, and easy on the eyes. Happy Birthday, handsome!
Funny, wise, and easy on the eyes. Happy Birthday, handsome!
  • Hey there sexy… hope your birthday is every bit as amazing as you are.
  • Happy Birthday to someone who’s as sweet as birthday cake and twice as yummy!
  • You must be a silver fox, because I’m wildly attracted to you. Happy Birthday, handsome!
  • Happy Birthday, hot stuff. Ready for your pinch to grow an inch?
  • Have an amazing birthday, handsome. You deserve it for being such an amazing guy.
  • Happy Birthday, handsome! Blow out those candles and I’ll make your wish come true!
  • Happy Birthday to one the smartest, kindest, and best-looking guys I know!
  • Hey handsome… hope you have an exciting birthday! Well, as exciting as it can be given that I won’t be there!
  • Happy Birthday, handsome. So, when do I get to see you in your birthday suit?


Here are some cute and clever ways to fawn over a guy on his birthday.

  • Happy Birthday, studly.
Happy Birthday, studly.
  • Happy Birthday to one handsome dude. I know guys are supposed to get better looking with age, but damn.
  • Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Your face is quite handsome,
    And your butt’s very nice too!
  • Happy Birthday, handsome! It’s a good thing you don’t have any clue how hot you are, or else your ego would go through the roof!
  • Congrats on another year of being devastatingly handsome.
  • Like a birthday cake with the candles lit, you are hot and tasty. Happy Birthday, dude!
  • Could you get any more handsome? Apparently so, because it happens every year! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! You may be an old fart, but you’re a handsome old fart.
  • One of these years you will no longer be handsome… but this is not that year. Happy Birthday, you old hunk you.
  • Older, wiser, and better-looking… well you’re older and better-looking, anyway! Happy Birthday, handsome!


The following birthday wishes are tailor-made for a handsome boyfriend.

  • Birthday wishes and kisses for my handsome boyfriend!
Birthday wishes and kisses for my handsome boyfriend!
  • Happy Birthday to my smart, sweet, and absurdly handsome boyfriend!
  • Have a wonderful birthday, baby! Can’t wait to plant a big, fat birthday kiss on that handsome face!
  • Happy Birthday to my handsome-ass boyfriend! Can’t wait to see you later!
  • Hey birthday boy… hope you have an awesome day. If there’s anything I can do to make it even more awesome, let me know.


Finally, here are a handful of birthday messages specifically for a handsome hubby. For more ideas, see our list of birthday wishes for a husband.

  • Happy Birthday to my smart, funny, big-hearted husband (who also happens to be devastatingly handsome).
Happy Birthday to my smart, funny, big-hearted husband... who also happens to be devastatingly handsome!
  • Happy Birthday, Handsome Hubby! Looking forward to many more years of loving you!
  • Brains, talent, good looks, a stunningly beautiful wife… Happy Birthday to a man who has it all!
  • Happy Birthday, Hubby! You’re even more handsome this year than last. Seriously, how do you do that?
  • Happy Birthday to a man whose handsome face still gives me butterflies after all these years.
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