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A Mom-umental List of Mother’s Day Puns

Here’s a little secret: Moms love puns. Maybe it’s because it’s a nutty style of humor that they can share with their kids (at least until the kids grow into sarcastic teenagers). Regardless, many of us have moms who enjoy using cheesy wordplay, often followed by the proverbial nudge and wink.

That makes Mother’s Day the perfect time to break out the puns. You might not be able to repay your mom for years of hard work and sacrifice, but you can make her smile with a goofy turn of phrase. And if she doesn’t like puns? Well, she’ll probably do what she did when you brought home that ugly art project in second grade – pretend to be impressed.

To help you out, here’s a list of Mother’s Day puns that are funny, silly, and/or cute. In other words, they’re right up mom’s alley.

Mother's Day is a Momentous Occasion

Punny Mother’s Day Wishes

Here are some examples of wacky Mother’s Day wishes that make use of puns. What better way to wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day than by sending one of these groaners her way?

  • Mom… thanks for the womb and board. Happy Mother’s Day!
Mom... thanks for the womb and board. Happy Mother's Day!
  • If you think I’m not going to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day, you’ve got a mother thing coming.
  • Compared to all the other moms out there, you’re on a whole mother level. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • When it comes to parental love and support, I really hit the mother lode with you.
  • Mom, I still hear your voice in my head always telling me to do the right thing. I guess you could call it an internal mom-ologue.
  • Mother’s Day is a truly mom-mentous occasion. Hope you have a great one!
  • You’re the best mom anyone could ask for. I guess we could say that you’re opti-mum.
  • Thanks for all the mom-umental work you did to raise me.
  • For everything you do as a mom, you deserve to have a wonderful Mother’s Day. Call it kar-ma!
  • When I was stuck, you always gave me the mom-mentum I needed to get going again.
  • If I ever ignored your advice, it was a mom-mentary lapse of judgement.
  • Somehow you always know how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking. You must be mom-nicient.
  • For doing my laundry all those years, I owe you loads of appreciation.
  • As a mom, you’re unbeatable. In other words, you’re mum-beatable!
  • Just wanted to take a mom-ment to tell you I love you and wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.
  • I have so many amazing childhood memories of you. Thank you for those wonderful mom-ments.
  • Your parenting skills are so unreal, you might say they’re mother-worldly.
  • For the amazing example you set as a mom, I am maternally grateful. Happy Mother’s Day.


Here are some puns to attach to Mother’s Day flowers. For more ideas, see our full list of flower puns.

  • If I could have any mom in the world, I’d still pick you.
If I could have any mom in the world, I'd still pick you.
  • I know raising me could be thorny at times – thanks for sticking with it!
  • Happy Mother’s Day to a lady who can change a dozen dirty diapers and still come out smelling like a rose.
  • Being a mom is tough. Happy Mother’s Day to a woman who rose to the occasion.
  • Read my tulips: You’re a wonderful mom. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Mom… thanks for helping me blossom into the person I am today.
  • Hope you have time to stop and smell the roses this Mother’s Day.
  • Thank you for always looking at me with rose-colored glasses.
  • Pardon the flowery language, but you’re a wonderful mother, role model, and friend.
  • Floral you do… Happy Mother’s Day!


Here are some pun-tastic sayings to go with gifts of wine, food, and other goodies.

  • Thank you for the mom-umental role you play in my life.
Thank you for the mom-umental role you play in my life.
  • Here’s a little mom-mento to mark this mom-mentous occasion.
  • A small present for someone who’s presence made a big difference in my life.
  • From your wine-y kid.
  • For someone who does a grape job as a mom.
  • I owe you this because I know raising me was no piece of cake.
  • You’re the sweetest mom, bar none.
  • Having you for a mom is a real treat.

Riddles and One-Liners

Finally, here are some mom-themed jokes that harness the power of puns. If you use one of these and even your mom doesn’t laugh, then you know it’s bad.

  • Why do people take their moms out to eat on Mother’s Day morning?
    To show that they love them a whole brunch!
Why do people take their moms out to eat on Mother's Day morning? To show that they love them a whole brunch!
  • What do you call a mom who defies all expectations?
    An enig-ma!
  • How do moms always seem to know when their kids are sick?
    They have built-in ther-mom-meters!
  • Why are moms always so busy?
    Because they have to deal with one thing after a mother!
  • Did you hear about the lady who had three kids in three years and still wanted more?
    I guess she wanted to keep up the mom-mentum!
  • What do you call a mom who dresses her kid up as a grizzly for Halloween?
    A child-bearer!
  • Why did the little boy insist on entering the Egyptian pyramid?
    He wanted his mummy!
  • What kind of song did the mom sing to her child when she dropped him off at daycare?
    A lulla-bye!
  • Choosing to be a mother is a mom-mentous decision.
  • How did the mom feel when her baby spent all afternoon playing with a very loud toy?
    She was a little rattled!
  • Did you hear about the girl who wanted to spend more time with her mom than her dad?
    I guess the grass is always greener on the mother side.
  • Why was the little computer so sad?
    Because he had an interface only a motherboard could love!
  • What do you call the smallest possible mother?
  • Where do baby Transformers come from?
    Opti-mom Prime!
  • Where does the mama car carry her baby cars?
    On her mother hood!

Had enough mom puns? Don’t worry, there are many other ways to say “Happy Mother’s Day” to your punny mummy. For more options, check out this big list of Mother’s Day quotes and sayings.

Mat Jobe