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40 Wonderful Ways to Say Happy Easter to Your Daughter

Easter conjures memories of egg hunts, bunny costumes, and baskets overflowing with candy and toys. Notice a common thread here? Many of the holiday’s traditions are centered around children, a fact that gives Easter a little extra significance to people who have kids of their own.

If you have a daughter, you don’t really need an excuse to tell her how much she means to you. Nevertheless, Easter provides a pretty good one. So, when you’re sending out your Easter greetings, it only makes sense to save a special one for such a special person.

For ideas on what to say, take a gander at the following list of Easter wishes for a daughter. They come in a variety of styles – from sappy to silly – so you can find the perfectly worded message for your little honey bunny.

25 Ways to Say Happy Easter to Your Daughter

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The following Easter greetings for a daughter are simple, straightforward, and sincere.

  • Thinking of you puts a spring in my step! Happy Easter to a wonderful daughter!
Thinking of you puts a SPRING in my step! Happy Easter to a wonderful daughter!
  • Happy Easter to a lovely daughter and her equally lovely family. Love you all!
  • Sending you some warm thoughts to go with the warmer weather. Have a delightful Easter, sweetheart.
  • The blooming flowers of spring remind me of you. Happy Easter to my beautiful daughter.
  • Happy Easter to the most wonderful daughter a person could ask for. Hope your spring is equally wonderful, sweetheart!
  • To a special daughter at Easter… wishing you peace, joy, and most of all, love.
  • Happy Easter to my daughter and son-in-law. Enjoy the nicer weather and everything else the season has to offer.
  • I hope Easter brings you even half of the joy you give me every day just by being my daughter. Love you, darling!
  • Happy Easter to a girl who is as brilliant as a spring morning. Love you, sunshine!
  • Happy Easter to my sweet, smart, and all-around amazing daughter. Like a bird jazzed about the start of spring, I never get tired of singing your praises.
  • Spring may be beautiful, but it’s not half as lovely as you. Have an amazing Easter, sweetheart.
  • May Easter blessings rain down on you like a spring shower. Happy Easter to a wonderful daughter.
  • Happy Easter to our daughter. Like spring, you bring brightness and warmth to our lives.
  • The Easter Bunny may deliver a lot of goodies, but you bring sweetness to my life all year long. Best Easter wishes for the best daughter ever.
  • When I think of Easter, I think of you as a little girl and the pure joy on your face when you saw your basket on Easter morning. Have a delightful Easter, darling, and thank you for bringing so much joy to my life.
  • Happy Easter, sweetheart! You may be too old for chocolate coins and marshmallow chicks, but you’re never too old to get a sweet Easter wish from your Mom.
  • Sending warm Easter wishes to our amazing daughter. We love you now and forever!


Here are some cute and clever Easter messages for your little girl. For more funny ideas, check out our list of Easter Bunny puns.

  • Happy Easter to one eggs-traordinary daughter!
Happy Easter to one eggs-traordinary daughter!
  • May your Easter be as sweet as a basketful of chocolate. Happy Easter and Happy Spring, dear!
  • To my wonderful daughter… wishing you peace, joy, love, and all the Peeps you can eat this Easter.
  • Happy Easter to our beautiful daughter. You are so loved, it’s kind of ridiculous!
  • I will always remember coloring Easter eggs with you when you were little. Happy Easter to a daughter who is truly to dye for!
  • Hoppy Easter, sweetheart! Hope you know that there’s no bunny I would rather have as a daughter!
  • The days of Easter egg hunts in the backyard may be gone, but I’m certain a few of those plastic eggs remain. Have an egg-cellent Easter, kiddo.
  • Happy Easter to my sweet daughter. I wouldn’t trade you for all the chocolate in the Easter Bunny’s stash.
  • Did you hear about the daughter who hated her Dad’s Easter egg puns? I guess she just couldn’t take a yolk! Just a little Easter humor to crack you up!
  • Happy Easter to a girl with intelligence, beauty, and a spooky good Easter egg radar!


Here are some Easter greetings that reflect the profound spiritual character of the holiday. For Palm Sunday messages, check out this article.

  • God smiled on me the day you were born. Happy Easter to my beautiful daughter.
God smiled on me the day you were born. Happy Easter to my beautiful daughter.
  • Easter reminds us of God’s many blessings, and the greatest blessing I’ve received is you. Happy Easter, sweetheart.
  • To my wonderful daughter… may God bless you at Easter time and throughout the year. I love you.
  • Have a blessed Easter, little girl. You mean the world to me.
  • To our daughter… wishing you a glorious Easter Sunday and a beautiful spring.
  • Easter is a time of miracles, and one of the greatest miracles in my life happened when you were born. Happy Easter to my wonderful daughter.
  • I thank God for His sacrifice, and for bringing you into my life. Happy Easter to my beloved daughter!
  • Happy Easter to my lovely daughter. May God send the sweetest spring blessings your way.


Finally, here are a few Easter wishes specifically for a daughter-in-law.

  • To my amazing daughter-in-law… wishing you a basketful of joy this Easter!
To my amazing daughter-in-law... wishing you a basketful of joy this Easter!
  • Happy Easter to a wonderful daughter-in-law! Hope your spring is full of beauty and bliss!
  • Like a kid opening an Easter egg with $20 inside, my son got lucky when he found you! Happy Easter to a wonderful daughter-in-law!
  • Wishing my great daughter-in-law a blessed Easter. We’re so grateful for everything you do for your family.
  • Happy Easter and Happy Spring to an extraordinary daughter-in-law. Hope you enjoy the warmer days and everything else this time of year brings.
  • To my daughter-in-law… wishing you all the best this Easter and in all the days ahead. You deserve it for the remarkable job you do taking care of your family.
  • Happy Easter to an amazing daughter-in-law. Hope you get a chance to relax and enjoy the nicer weather!

Have a son as well? We have Easter greetings for him, too.

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