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30th Birthday Invitation Wording

Obviously, not everyone reacts the same way to turning 30. But generally speaking, this is the first birthday in a person’s life that has the potential to generate some less-than-positive feelings. Unlike previous “milestone” birthdays, you don’t get to drive, or drink alcohol, or go on the big boy rides – you just get to join a new age bracket (with all that entails).

A situation like this calls for a party. Hosting a 30th birthday bash for someone – whether it’s a friend, a spouse, or even yourself – is a great way to keep things upbeat while properly marking the big day. Besides all that, it’s just a good excuse for people to reconnect.

If you’re in charge of organizing the event, one of your first and most important tasks is to send out invitations. This article will help you come up with 30th birthday party invitation wording, whether it’s for formal paper invites, electronic invitations, or simple text emails.

30th Birthday Invitation Wording

General Tips

Like any other invitation, a 30th birthday party invite should tell people about all the event’s important details. But the wording should also reinforce the unique nature of the party. Here are some general tips:

1. Turn back the clock. A time-honored tradition of adult birthday parties is to circulate a childhood picture of the guest of honor – preferably one showing a goofy pose and/or hilariously outdated fashion. Whether or not you include a picture with your invitation, consider using old-school slang or catchphrases to grab your audience’s attention.

2. Save the old age humor. Teasing someone about their age is always risky, even if they seem like the most easygoing person in the world. Besides, these days most people don’t think of 30 as old. In short, you might want to save your old age zingers for a 40th, 50th, or 60th birthday.

3. Keep it simple. Never forget that the purpose of the invitation is to get people to show up at the right place at the right time. To keep the essential information from getting lost, keep any extra verbiage to a minimum. That goes double if it’s a potluck, surprise party, or any other situation where there are extra details to communicate.


General tips are all well and good, but the best way to come up with wording ideas is to look at a variety of examples. Here are some 30th birthday invitation samples you can use as templates, or just for inspiration.


Please Join Us For A
30th Birthday Bash
In Honor Of
Jason Kline
Saturday, June 18 at 7 pm
The Jones Home
1234 30th Street SW, Dunville
RSVP to Andie Jones (123-4567 / by June 10
Wendy is Turning 30!
Let’s Help Her Celebrate in Style
Please Join Us For Dinner, Drinks, and Dancing
You’re Invited To A
30th Birthday Party
In Honor Of
Alison Olson


Well, She Had to Grow Up Sometime
Betsy Wren is Turning 30!
Join Her as She Says Goodbye to Her 20s and Finally Joins the Ranks of the Adults
Still Nerdy at Thirty
Help Us As We Celebrate the 30th Birthday Of
Reese Allen
Product of the 80s
Like, Join Us For A
Totally Awesome 30th Birthday Party For
Jessica Ling

For Her

Flirty, Dirty, and Turning 30
Join Us For Wine and Appetizers As We Celebrate
Anne Johnson’s 30th Birthday
Still Thrilling at Thirty
Jill is Celebrating the Big 3-oh
Let’s Help Her Celebrate!

For Him

Say Cheers to 30 Years!
Join Us For Brews and BBQ as we Celebrate
Jorge’s 30th Birthday
Thirsty Thirty
Join Us For a Pub Crawl as we Celebrate
Lonnie Thompson’s 30th Birthday!

Surprise Party

Dan Forger is Turning 30!
Please Join Us For A
Surprise Birthday Party in His Honor
Mat Jobe