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Greetings. You may be wondering: Why does this guy Mat Jobe presume to give advice on writing? What are his credentials? Is he even a real person?

Well, as far as I know, I am indeed a real person. I’ve been a professional writer my whole adult life. I graduated with a Journalism degree from the University of Minnesota in 1995, and went on to work as a Corporate Communications Specialist and Technical Writer for many years, while also freelancing for publications like the St. Paul Pioneer Press and a magazine called InQuest.

In 2005, I delved into videogame writing and won the Bioware Writing Contest for my Neverwinter Nights module Myranni’s Magic. That led to a stint as a writer/designer for Ossian Studios on the premium Neverwinter Nights 2 module Mysteries of Westgate.

In 2014, I founded to help people come up with the clever wording ideas for greetings, craft projects, and more. Even if this is your first time visiting AllWording, you may have seen some of my handiwork used in other media outlets.

I currently live in Minnesota with my teenage daughter and two dogs. To reach me, you can send a message through AllWording’s contact form.